We carefully match workers to your needs and regularly recruits for a variety of administrative positions. Each applicant goes through a selection process, including interviews, screenings, and reference checks. Drug testing is also available upon request.

Temp to Hire

Ever spent your valuable time recruiting, interviewing, testing, and checking references to find the right employee, only to discover that you made the wrong choice? Our process allows you to  experience the skill level and compatibility of each potential employee before making a long term commitment.

Increase productivity
Decrease turnover
Reduce liabilities
Save time and money
Predict satisfaction

Direct Placement

We have expert recruiters available who want to help you find the best match for your company with the skill requirements you need. We will search and match the right credentialed candidates for you to interview. The final decision is up to you.

Benefits include:

Saving time, energy, and money by staying focused on your main functions
Expert recruiters find the best match for you
Interviewers specializing in niche professions screen candidates
Pay a one-time flat fee

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